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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Language of Flowers

If I were a flower I would be a poppy because I desire eternal sleep, I live in blissful oblivion, I have an over-active imagination, and my dreaminess is apparent the first time you step into my house.  

If I were meeting my first love for the first time I would give him bamboo because he is strong and loyal.

At our wedding we did not know about the language of flowers but in my bouquet I had stephanotis which is happiness in marriage, desire to travel, and good luck.  I guess we started out on the right foot!

The Language of Flowers touched my heart on a personal level.  A little back ground on me.....in college I thought I wanted to be a social worker so I took the classes and did a practicum with a social worker.  I was with her on many visits to families and witnessed the complexity of human relationships.

I never did become a social worker, I knew I would care too much and burn out.  Then, as a young mom, the opportunity came for me to take in someone who had no place else to turn.  Our family took her in.......well, I've done it again and haven't left enough time to finish writing this.  I will have to come back to it as it is 9:00.

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