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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello Smart Remarkers,

A warm welcome to our newest member , Teresa, who joins us from ...... I don't know, where you are from Teresa?  You'll have to tell us about yourself when you write your review.  So welcome aboard, we are so happy you will be reading and discussing with us.

I hope you all have snagged a copy of The Language of Flowers either via audio book, paper and glue hardback, or digital download by now.  I would like to set our discussion day and time for Sunday, April 1st, that would be April's Fools Day for those of you who are a little slow, at 9pm MST. 

Please have your reviews written prior to the discussion (Amanda, I am talking to you) and your essay questions completed.  If you choose not to do the essay questions, well, then it won't be as fun, and I may have to send you a bouquet of geraniums.  You will also receive a zero on this assignment.

The questions again are :  "If I were a flower I would be  _______ because _________  .  And "If I were meeting my true love for the first time I would give him or her _______ because __________. 

Here is a website to help you with the language of flowers.  http://www.perfect-wedding-day.com/flower-meanings-bridal-flowers.html 

I am looking forward to discussing this book with you all on Sunday, April 1st, and that's no joke.  

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