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Monday, January 23, 2012

Trussssst in Meeeee...

"I don't know any hot Indian men"... ha ha, nice one Flem. I'm afraid I had the same thought. To me all Indian men wear big cotton diapers and weigh as much as a small child. I also can't keep from doing the Simpsons Apu accent whenever any of them are speaking... even Kelsey sometimes, 'cause... you know... she wouldn't be able to help herself, it's just so fun to talk like that.
There were several annoyances for me. First of all, I missed Baloo, Bagheera, the wolf pack, and the marching elephants. Also I didn't fall in love with Kelsey like everyone else did. Other than apparently having some ability to help break the curse I didn't see anything in her that would make me want to give her sports cars, homes, credit cards, and college tuition. It was particularly annoying how she kept pushing Ren away because she felt she just wasn't in his league. I also thought Kishan was a jerk and didn't get how Kelsey liked him. I stopped reading this series about a third of the way through book two when it became apparent that the author was setting up a love triangle that made no sense to me whatsoever.
Despite the annoyances, I didn't hate it. It was light entertaining reading, a nice diversion from tech manuals and textbooks. I actually think the movie version has the potential to be even better than the book; especially if they have the budget to do Avatar-like effects, 'cause tigers are just so cool.

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