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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiger's Curse

The Tiger's Curse is real you guys.

You know how I know?  Because I listened to the three books on audible, what I thought was a trilogy, and when I got to the end and realized it wasn't finished?  That is when I felt it.  The curse.

Because really, most of the way through the book(s) I was like "come on now!!" for so many reasons.  Like:

--Low self-esteem girls, I just don't get them
--Totally predictable moments, I was hardly ever surprised
--Too much focus on the body. Okay we get it, hot Indian men!  But can we focus on the charm and the how they made you feel emotionally too?  That didn't come until WAY too late for my liking.  Then again, I don't know any hot Indian men.
--Are we seriously bringing in every possible mythology ever?

In spite of those elements, I was fairly devastated it was over.  I felt so, so sad.  That is when I realized that this little vixen of an author is tricky.  She did her homework about a TON of crap:  SCUBA, Tigers, Indian lore, boats, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. She must have read and studied constantly while working on this.

She did a good job of building up a little sultry romance, even if the amount of conflict they encountered was a little over the top.

Original--an Indian prince, half-tiger/half-man, a brother duo, and a grandfatherly figure.

She described food and clothing in extensive detail, made you feel like you were there.

Lastly, I thought the main character was a nice balance of courage and reliance on the male leads.

In the end, I have to say I really enjoyed reading these books and I look forward to the 4th one.  Even if I have to put up with all those annoying little elements.

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