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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiger's Curse, a mixed review

This will be quick since the discussion is about to begin.  I have mixed feelings about the book and the series.  The first three nights I read the book as a bedtime story as it quickly put me to sleep each night.  On night three I decided to skip ahead to see if I wanted to continue reading this book or let it go the way of that one book about the short lady, oh what was it called?  Exactly.  When I found the words "kiss" and "kissing" I continued.  Aw, this is more like it.  I  read a little bit of the kissing scenes, okay all of them, and then went back and read the book.  Then I read the next book.  Then the next book.  Books Two and Three I finished in a matter of days.  So as you can see for I devoured the books.  

Now did I like them?  Well, yes I did, but I'm not sure why.  There are so many reasons not to like them.  Kelsey was completely unlikable -- really flat, uninteresting, selfish, and shallow.  The potential to go really deep with her was there, with her being orphaned and everything, but I never really felt the loss of her parents.  I never connected or sympathized for her which is a red flag for me.  I know I'm never going to connect in the way I like to connect when I can't FEEL for the characters.  Reading about them is one thing, but feeling them is another.  The books that are my favorites are the books in which I can feel the characters.  I know.  I'm weird.  

Often when I read a book I get a sense of the author.   It's not that I dislike Colleen, I think she's great (I especially like that we graduated from the same college) it's just that I can tell we are really different in the way we view the world as she is more of a "ST" and I am a total "NF" if you'll remember back to our personality discush.  ;)  I only mention this because I love "NF" books.  Funny that INFPs often love the same books.  "The Giving Tree" being high on the list.  Anyhoo, I didn't mean to get off topic.

If I may have a word with some people for a second, I have a few unanswered questions.

Kelsey-- Who are you, girl?  What makes you special?  Why, out of all the young women in the world, are you the only person who can break the Tiger's Curse?  Why, oh why, oh why?  I seriously don't get it.  You frustrate me, you bore me, you're kind of a jerk, you lack direction, and your creator has yet to show me why you aren't just like any other girl out there.  And if that's the point, then that's really lame.

Mr Kadam--  Oh Mr. Kadam, why are so flat?  You bored me to tears.  ::shaking my head::

Ren.  I like you.  Underneath that hot bod you actually have a personality.  The trouble is I would really like to know you but I can't.  I'm stuck in Kelsey's head when I'd much rather being in your arms head.  I get the feeling there is more to you than just your looks.  Wanna have lunch?  I'll wear my saree.    

Kishan.  I like you as well.  So why are you being completely and totally emasculated in Book Three?  Push back against the author's agenda and stop being a fool.  Hello.

Collen.  Overall I found your writing to be okay, but not good.  In fact, at times it was really elementary.  I would love to see varied sentence structure, improved vocabulary, more figurative language, more feeling infused into the thoughts, words, and action, more showing and less telling, and either a third-person point of view, or a least alternating first-person points of view between Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan.   Develop and strengthen the characters.  (Don't get me wrong with this feedback;  I'm not any better, I just see room for improvement).  Kudos to you for doing a lot of research, but I often felt Wikipedia sitting with me as I read, a constant weight on my shoulder.  Research is great for research papers, but for novels I've always heard it's good to write what you know.  (Just my take on it).  Also, a word about the food.  Don't these people ever eat anything other than carbs?  Come on.  You are totally pushing the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) on these Indian characters and I'm afraid they'll all be type 2 diabetic by the time we reach Book Four.   (You're lucky I've decided to save my Paula Deen rant for another day).  I know this is a fantasy book but it does need to be a bit more practical in the food department.   May I suggest more natural, whole, raw foods (think fruit, veggies, greens) for these characters and less talk about it?  

Okay, now on to what I liked.  I liked the way I was completely A.D.D. the week I read the series-- reminded me of my love affair with Twilight.  I couldn't give the kid a bath without the book right next to the tub or sit at the stoplight without the book in my lap.  I'd find excuses to go to bed early, feign sickness, or sneak into my bedroom book in hand.   When I wasn't reading, and my kids were talking to me, I couldn't hear a word they said as I was too busy thinking about how/when I'd get my next Tiger's Curse fix.  I even PAID FOR (which I never do) the third book because the waiting list at the library was much too long and I had to read it NOW.  Thank you Amazon for your quick delivery.  I felt so undone without it.   The other thing I loved was how the author credited Twilight for being the inspiration for the book. From the interview that I watched, Colleen explained how she enjoyed the Edward/Jacob dichotomy and wanted to re-create something similar.  So Tiger's Curse may be yet another Twilight knock-off but it's the best knock-off I've read and the author gives credit where credit is due.      

Overall, I enjoyed this page-turner of a book and have recommended it to fiction-loving friends.  Can't wait to read about what they eat in Book Four.  ;)

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