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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Was a Chump

I was a chump at least 4 times reading this book.  So what?  So what?  You probably were too. 

Here are the stats on that:

1 time when that kid gave him the Joe Pepitone jacket when he was moving away.
1 time when Douggo stopped by the paper mill and I realized his dad had kept the money and baseball and hadn't said a stupid word to him about it.
1 time when the boss at the paper mill gave him that bomber jacket.

And one other time that I can't remember but you can probably figure it out for yourself.

If you are paying attention you'll see I didn't exactly take stupid notes.

There was a point where I was mad at Jenny for picking this book and making me read it.  I think it was the part where stupid Lucas came upstairs and beat up Doug and took his Joe Pepitone baseball hat.  Yup.  That was exactly when.  Like I wanted to be all depressed.  But Doug had already grabbed me by my stupid heart and that was that.  I was glad I read it and didn't even care it made me act like a chump.   The parts that got me good were the ones where the smallest actions made the biggest differences.  It made me realize that the little things I say or don't say to people can impact them.  Young artist.  Mamma's Baby. 

I  loved the writing style.  If I could trace my finger over it and copy it like Doug did with the Arctic Tern I would in a second.  I have a feeling it's a lot harder than creating stability or movement in a sketch though  A lot harder.

I am so glad I just read Jane Eyre a month ago. 

Fantastic book.  I loved it.  So what?

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Flem said...

Before I even saw who reviewed this I knew it was you.

Brilliant Tiff. Seriously.