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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Only a little bit of Love

I was curious about the circus thing. I even got a little bit pulled into the story there for a few minutes. But Vinnie was so unlikeable. I couldn't stop wondering the whole book how she never wanted, felt, tried, wished, missed, or thought about doing it with Charles. And I felt so so sorry for him. I hated all of the travelogue stuff. Again? We have to hear about every city, the dirty wagons, trudging through the mud? Months and months of ships and trains and ugh! That could have been summed up pretty easily in a page or two.

I too googled pictures of Lavinia and her little husband. She wasn't that pretty. I wish I could find better pictures of her. What an ego the author gave her. So anyway. The other reviews are much better phrased and written than mine. A big thumbs up Landee. I felt the same way!!

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