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Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Landee Loved This Book" and other Humbugs

Alternate Title:  Landee Gives Mrs. Tom Thumb Two GIGANTIC Thumbs Down

First of all, I looked at the photos of Miss Lavinia Warren Bump.   She's no Beauty Queen.  Perfectly proportioned?  I'm gonna go with no.  MORE perfectly proportioned than the peeps on Little People, Big World, yes, I'll give her that.  But still.  Her head is bigger than it should be.  Minnie is adorable though... I just want to put her in my pocketbook and carry her around!

#2, Vinnie was highly unlikable.  Who ever heard of a snotty dwarf/pituitary disorder?  I recently found out that my ancestors also came over on the Mayflower and you don't see me with my tiny nose stuck in the air, do you?  I can't like a snob, no matter how tiny she is.  Therefore, I couldn't completely enjoy the story as it is told entirely from within her tiny brain.  I can't forgive her for being so cold with poor Charles either.  I mean, I wasn't looking forward to any nasty tiny person intimacy scenes or anything, but geez!  A man has needs, I don't care how wee he is.

C.  I LOVE P.T. Barnum.  If he really is anything like how he is portrayed in this book then I want to know more.  I guess that is one good thing about this book... it did make me want to know more about these people.

4th, the writing was subpar.  I wanted less of a travelogue and more of a character driven story.  The foreshadowing was driving me crazy too.  Things like "I would later look back at that handshake and remember it as the moment I sentenced Minnie to death"  (not an exact quote, but who cares?).  Rarely did actual events live up to to the drama of the foreshadow.   I was totally expecting Barnum to have strangled Minnie with his bare hands!  As it turns out, he happened to have introduced Minnie to some short-ish dude whom she married, got pregnant with and then died in childbirth.  Give it a rest, Vinnie, fhs.

Lastly, between this and Water For Elephants I'm starting to think that circus freaks are the new vampire.

Landee out.

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