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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Landee Calls BS

Thank goodness Pop had mentioned that he wanted to have Jesus in his heart a week before dying.  PHEW!!  Can you imagine if he hadn't?  No heaven for you Pops!  But luckily, that was all it took to get into the literal pearly gates.

But yeah.  This book was no bueno, as my dear friend Flemsta would say.

Now, I'm not saying this book doesn't have its place in this world.  It certainly does.  Say, for example, you have no religion in your life.  Say, you have lost a loved one and honestly don't know where they had gone.  Perhaps you have never believed in anything higher than yourself yet you've felt the light of Christ in your life but didn't know what to call it.   Then I can see this book being inspiring.  I can see it giving hope where there is none.  

Unfortunately for Todd Burpo that is not me.  

Now, if there is, at some point an addendum added where, when the kid is 25 and meets the missionaries and they show him a pic of Joseph Smith and he's all "Wait...that's who?"  and they're all "This is Joseph Smith" and he's all "Ok, this is weird.... he was like, the third dude who talked to me up in heaven but I am just remembering that now" and they're all "Well he restored the gospel to the earth" and he's all "Oh yeah!  He mentioned that!  Holy crap... when can I be baptized?"  then fine.

Side notes:

  • Burpo is one of the most unfortunate last names I've ever heard.
  • Sonja sounds like a B.
  • I've been to the Butterfly Museum, Beebs has held Rosie the tarantula and I can testify that part of the story is true.
  • I do love that picture of Christ at the end by that little girl.  Like, really really love.  The hair is slightly Hasselhoff but I love the face.

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Morgan's Visual Idea journal said...

I love that picture because of the Hassleholf hair.