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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heaven IS for Real, but .... what?

I tried to cling to the few inspiring things this little boy had to say about his visit to heaven. But the more I read, the more 'off' it all was and left a bad taste behind. I have, many times, reconsidered his assertion that his miscarried sister was in heaven waiting. And I've tried to consider if that could really be possible. And yet, what I already know to be true just makes more sense. But, she was sad because nobody ever named her? I think if we're all children of God and knew Him before, He certainly had a name for us before we came to earth too, right? I also tried to imagine that maybe he saw / described heaven a certain way simply because he was such a young boy. But, that didn't really pan out for me either.

I love a good died-and-gone-to-heaven-and-came-back story. I watch I Survived... Beyond and Back often. I've seen probably more than a dozen different people on that show describing their experience. There is a consistent theme to them all. I love hearing people, who aren't well acquainted with religion, describing things, such as God's voice as sounding like thunder or the rushing of water. I love that they all realize in the end that there isn't an end. But none of them talk about wings or that sort of thing.

Does this make me a weirdie? I don't really care, actually. Whether or not the little boy really saw what he said he saw is beside the point, I decided. The fact that his parents are now fully subscribed to the idea of heaven and eternal families is a good thing I think. But I'm not jumping out of my skin to recommend this book to people. Or, recommending it at all. It's a good story in that it was such a hard experience for them to go through and the little boy lived. Hooray! Yikes. From growing up in WY I know about those hospitals where they aren't equipped or experienced enough to really know much of anything. So pitiful. Even this week, my nephew is finally coming to Denver for his third knee surgery because the guys in Casper couldn't figure it out. Sorry. I guess this is all beside the point.

Loved that it was a short read. Loved that it made me question a little. Love that I already sort of know pretty much most of the answers, kind of. :)

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