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Sunday, May 1, 2011

"That's my girl," I said, and took her hand.

That was the last sentence of the book.  He was always calling the Aurora his girl and now he's calling Kate his girl.  Can you say cheesy? ::gag::

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel was full of gag-worthy moments and vomit-inducing repetitions.  "Matt Cruse, light as air."  I know, I know, I know. 

The story started out a little slow but picked up quickly when pirates boarded their airship.  When they landed on the island things got pretty exciting.  That excitement remained until Kate and Matt accidentally beckoned pirates to rescue them.  Big oops.  It fell flat for me there.  I couldn't quite wrap my head around this uneventful, not-very-exciting way for the pirates and Matt and Kate to come together.  Oh well.  I did enjoy watching them squirm as they had to then pretend to be something they were not and devise a plan of escape.   

Still not sure how Matt escaped out of that hammock.  In fact, I'm not quite sure of anything in this book.  I felt like I was only half a participant in this story since I never grasped any of the author's descriptions.  The airship looks like what?  Wait, how did that happen?  He survived yet another death-defying moment how?  I'm not sure if I didn't have my brain fully screwed on while I listened to this story or what,  but I could not "see" anything.  I just had to be content to listen and hope the author got the descriptive parts over with quickly so I could get on with the dialogue.  

Kate.  Yeah, I liked Kate.  I thought her character was well developed and I enjoyed her ahead-of-her-time personality.  However, when she got herself into trouble for the umpteenth time I wanted to smack her.

The plot was alright.  Less life or death situations would have made it more exciting.  Matt was constantly being put in unbelievable situations where death seemed to be imminent.  The constant overcoming of the impossible grew tiresome for this reader and anti-climatic. 

I thought the cloud cats were totally stupid.  I thought they were supposed to be birds, not cats. 

Aside from these annoyances, I liked the book.   However, I hope they make-out more in the next one.

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