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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hunger Games Cast

Okay so I admit I am a bit behind.  Three books to be exact.  But to be fair, I think we have had a decline in participation for awhile so I know I am not the only guilty one around this place.

I am going to actually download the latest book on audio and attempt to read/participate in a discussion if people are going to host something.

*But I digress.

The real reason for my post here is to comment on the Hunger Games Movie Cast.  Have you seen it?  If not, let me help you out:

Gale:  Miley Cyrus' boyfriend

Not bad, not bad.  He has broad shoulders, this should work out.  I haven't seen his, what I am sure is epic, performance in the Last Song but if he keeps his mouth shut he can't screw up Gale too much.  He is very pretty.

Katniss:  Jennifer Lawrence, cheerleader extraordinaire.

Honestly when I saw her blonde chick/cheerleader pics I was not impressed but then I ran across a few gems from Winter's Bone like the one above where I was like, hey.... this could work out after all.  I guess I wanted a brunette with olive skin, but it looks like she might have some acting skillz.  I am giving her the bene of the doubt and going to be optimistic here.

Haymitch Abernathy:  Woody.

Can anyone picture Woody Harrelson drunk? Wait, I mean, can anyone NOT picture Woody Harrelson drunk?  Honestly I was shocked by this but wow, great pick.  I have long-loved his ability to play both a total sleazeball and a completely nice, innocent and likeable guy.  Totally versatile, and totally perfect for this.  Plus he is aging pretty quickly so he is just about the perfect guy to play an older-seeming lush who can kick some serious a$$ if he needs to.

Okay so I don't really care about anyone else (though casting Stanley Tucci as Caeser Flickerman gives me great hope because I have never seen him in anything lame) but the REAL reason for this post is...

Peeta:  My FAVORITE child actor of all time, Josh Hutcherson

If he is not your favorite, you obviously have not seen Bridge to Terabithia, Zathura, or Firehouse Dog.  Only one of those movies is any good, but he is absolutely adorable in all of them.  Very sweet, but also capacity to play a tough guy character.  I cannot tell you enough how much I love this kid and I think that it is perfect.  He is THE ultimately likeable underdog. 

So.. your thoughts?



Markie23 said...

Is there where we start planning the Premiere party?

Lee said...

Markie!! If you throw one, I will definitely come!! I will even bring a ton of food. In.

Landee said...

Gale is pretty. But who cares about Gale? He's a loud-mouthed jag who ends up getting whipped and I didn't even care.

I'm loving Jennifer Lawrence more & more. I assume you saw the cover of Entertainment Weekly I posted on both my own FB and LS, LD facebook? It's perfection wrapped up in a Katniss.

Peeta looks adorable. I haven't seen any of those movies you mentioned but I'll take your word for it.

You know I loves me some Woody. He's a close second to my first choice of Robert Downey Jr. but I'll take it. With a smile.

When is this thing getting released? I need to start planning a trip to.... somewhere.

Landee said...

I think Denver is the Capitol they speak of so...

Cristin said...

I'm ready for a paaaaaaartay!

Ok, I was not ok with Josh as Peeta, not because he's a horrible actor because he's not but he's making it so I can't really love Peeta or I'm a total perve because he's like 12 years old, at least in the movies I've seen him in. UGH! So now I have to choose to be creepy or not love Peeta any more.

APS said...

Wow, wow, Wahhhh OW! for Gale. Holy crap! Are you kidding me? How do they think they're going to put that SAD superdupersad little boy up against that hunkasomethin' and have anyone choose Peeta? Sheesh. I don't think that kid who's going to play Peeta is cute. In fact, he was a big JERK in Zathura. And you know what? In all honesty, from day one I always liked Gale better. And I cried, tears and all, when he got whipped. I know it's against the majority vote, but I don't care who knows it. LOL!! I love this post Memz. Thanks for sharing the photos. Can't wait for the movie and I'm always up for either a trip or whatever. :) :) :)

StandsMom said...

It's all an account of mistaken identity. Sorry. APS is me, of course. And Flem, dear Flem - you are the dear who posted the pics. Sorry!!!!!

Memzy said...

I'm BESIDE myself with anticipation. I've got a feeling that Peeta boy will turn out to be hawt just like that little Jacob boy turned out to be hot in Twilight.

Bella said...

@ Cristin....That's the way I felt about Taylor Lautner when I saw Twilight. I'd seen Shark Boy Lava Girl with my kids a million times and Taylor, aka Shark Boy, made me gag every time he made an appearance in Twilight. I still can't understand how women my age can have a crush on him. Perves. Give me RPattz any day.
Bring on the premier party!