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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cloud Cats Rule!

Am I the only one who kept trying to narrow my nostrils?  Yes?  K, never mind then.

The bottom line is that I loved this book.  I thought it was written well with some clever descriptions and phrasing stuck in here & there.  I loved the characters....Matt, Kate, Baz, Miss Simpkins & the Captain guy of the Aurora (forgot his name) come to mind.  It was entertaining and chock full of exciting situations Mr. Cruse needed to deal with.  What more does one want from a book, right?

It did take me a little bit, however, to realize I wasn't going to be able to place the time period this is taking place.  Then I started wondering "Is this one of those steampunk novels people keep talking about?"  Thank goodness my question was answered when Jen from Cakewrecks/Epbot (who is obsessed with all things steampunk) did a post of all her favorite steampunk novels.  Obviously Airborn was on that list or else I wouldn't be mentioning it now.    She loved it.    Although she also recommends some steampunk book by Scott Westerfeld and says "If you've read the Uglies series, then you know Westerfeld couldn't write a bad book if he tried."  <---makes me think she has horrible taste in books.

I do think the book tends to repeat itself quite a bit and some of the coincidences were just TOO coincidental but none of it seemed to bother me.  I just wanted to see how Mr. Cruse was going to get himself out of this one now.  The people who I think would simply FLIP over how awesome this book is are my 11 and 9 year old sons.  I may need to add this on to our nightly reading list.

I'll leave you with this... here is one person's idea of what the cloud cats looked like:

But oh how I wish they looked like this:

Regards, Landee


Amanda said...

::googling 'steampunk' since I've never heard the term::

Amanda said...

Aw, no wonders I couldn't figure out the time this was written in.