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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Flavia

"I have this weird patch of skin on my tummy I've been needing the answer to.  Also, there is a really annoying teacher at my kids school that I'd love to "poison" with the birthday cupcakes I send in.  Not only are you charming and rascally all at the same time, but your love and affection for you highly dysfunctional family cannot be hidden by your attempts at ambivalence.  Your keen intellect and startling grasp of chemistry makes me wanna name my bike and ride her all over town.  Please be my new BFFF (best friend from fiction)?

Love, Memzy"

I'm off to Shed's grammy's 80th birthday party.  But I just wanted to chime in here real quick like.  I loved this book.  I cannot believe the author is a 60+ year old male!  I've already read the next two Flavia de Luce mystery novels with gusto.  I even named a recent necklace purchase my "Flavia" necklace.

Are you gize gonna do this or what?


samandlysander said...

What's going on with the book club? I feel bad cause I didn't get around to the book last month. I just hope we can get back on track with it. I miss the monthly discussions and stuff :o)

Amanda said...

Sorry I missed out on this book. I read some of it but wasn't able to finish before the discush. I had to turn the book back into the library because someone was waiting for it. I'll check it out again though and finish reading it because I fell in love with Flavia. What a fun character she was.

Carrie said...

The graphic you are using in the upper right-hand corner is being pulled from my site. That means I pay for the bandwidth to have it appear on your site. Instead, please save the image to your desktop, then upload it to your own web host and link to it that way. Thank you!