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Monday, November 8, 2010

What the shank?

I didn't like this book.  I thought the idea and concept was AWESOME.  I thought the author's creativity and enthusiasm shine.  You can tell this author is really into his writing.... like.....in his mind.  I just wish that translated onto the pages for me.  I felt like it lacked something.  How many times can he say that Thomas is drawn to the maze and can't remember anything?  I WANTED to connect with the characters, I really did.  But I wasn't sad when any one of them died.  Not.  At.  All. 

That being said, the idea is genius.  It's worthy of a series and after I finish the other book I've got I'll be trying out round 2 (which is why I skipped that spoiler above).  And now that Markie tells us it's success was due to HG?!!!!!  Say no more.

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