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Monday, November 8, 2010

Not A Complete Piece of Klunk

Storyline: Good

Repetitive Writing: Bad

I don't have particularly high standards when it comes to the writing of the books I read, but The Maze Runner seemed to be a 100 page story that the editors made Mr. Dashner turn into a 400 page book.   To do so he added a paragraph stating his inability to recall his former life every page.  Then he added a paragraph discussing Thomas' "unexplainable desire to be a runner" in every other page or so.  Then numerous paragraphs dispersed throughout explaining how things seemed familiar but he couldn't tell anyone...again & again & again.


That being said,  I liked the book & will be reading the second one.   I'm interested to see where this goes and, with annoying Chuck out of the way and stud Minho still around, I'm thinking it can only get better.   


Jenny ESP said...


Hot Pants said...

"with annoying Chuck out of the way" literally lol'ed.

Amanda said...

I never did understand why Thomas was so upset over Chuck.