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Monday, November 8, 2010

Klunk yeah!

I shankin' love made up words. Klunk yeah!

As far as the actual book, The Maze Runner, goes, I enjoyed it very much.

The main reason why is... klunk happened. And by that, I mean stuff happened. A lot of stuff. It never stopped, never slowed, new revelations and conflicts and action just kept coming. I liked Tommy's willingness to take action. This made me like Tommy. This made for a nice pace.

On the negative side, I felt like the writing was sub-par. Some of the characters were like cardboard versions of real people. I didn't feel Tommy's pain when Chuck died. Just didn't feel the connection between the two shankers. Don't feel much between Tom and Teressa either, but maybe that develops more in book two? Things were often overstated as well, as if the author didn't trust us to "get it." He would show a scene, and then have the main character tell us what we just saw. I dunno, that's just a personal peeve of mine.

That said, I still liked the book very much, and can't wait to read the rest of series. I heard the second book is even better, true?

Thanks for the pick, Sam! See you klunk heads at the discussion!

PS. Click HERE to get to the google wave discussion if you're lost.

--Jespy's hasty review of The Maze Runner

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