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Monday, November 8, 2010

Good That

As always, I love to get lost in a story and I thought Mazerunner was pretty cool. It felt a little - off that all of those poor boys spent that much time in the darn maze without a single anything until Thomas showed up. What the klunk were they doing that whole time? Also amazing that they were mature enough to have such a functioning society without any real adults anywhere. Teenage boys, man. Perhaps just the perception that someone was watching, delivering necessary items, more people or whatever was enough to keep them in line. Anyway......I liked the idea. Kind of Truman-esq and all. I loved that they had their own cuss words. It was fun, like rabbit speak. I found my heart pounding at certain moments, like when Thomas went all tharn in the maze, in the vines. Yikes! At others I was kind of wishing it would move along already. It seemed like Thomas kept thinking the same things over and over and over again. Ok...we got it. He can't remember. Now let's move on already.

The second book - uh, have you people read the second book? Should I say anything about it or just give you a spoiler warning? Spoiler warning given.

I enjoyed the second book too. Some parts seemed to kind of drag on and on and on. That lightening was nasty business and I hated that it seemingly took for ev er. But darn it all if it isn't another book ending with another non-ending and now we have to wait how long for the third to come out? I'll read it.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it. Not the top of my list but an entertaining few days and then another entertaining few days when I read the second. Good that.

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