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Monday, September 27, 2010

This Book Sucked. Real or Not Real.


Reasons why:

1. Katniss hiding in the corner, rocking while in the fetal position through 90% of the book.

2. All the relationships dissolved including the new ones that were being formed. Example, Katniss and Johanna were totally becoming BCF's (Best Crazies Forever) and then Johanna got a little scared of some fake water and we never hear from her again. WTH???

3. No closure on anything except of Peeta on the last last page of the book. What happened about Gale, her mom, Haymitch. I needed more. I needed to feel like her mom kinda liked her and cared about her.

4. Why save Prim's life in the beginning of Hunger Games if your just going to kill her off in this book??? Katniss pulling out those berries indirectly killed Prim just like Gale's bomb indirectly killed Prim. What was the point????

5. Katniss didn't kill Pres. Snow. The whole mission was a suicide mission that she lied to do, which would have been fine, and I feel lees bad about Finnick's death had she succeeded. Even when she finally got the opportunity to kill him, she only had one arrow and had to use it on Pres. Coin. They should have giving her a few arrows so she could have done both.

6. Why did everyone have to go crazy???

7. I don't feel too comfortable with Annie raising that baby by herself.

8. Although it was funny that Peeta tried to kill Katniss when they first reunited, I didn't like that he hated her through most of it. It was fun at first but I wanted him to get back to normal quicker.

9. I hated that Katniss was only a commercial thing. I wanted her to be more involved. Fight for what was right. Save lives. Do something other than wonder around, shooting Propos and being drugged.

10. I hated hated HATED after she killed Pres. Coin and she just went completely crazy. Laying in a bed trying to starve to death, or being at home rocking in front of the fireplace. She was no longer a strong level headed girl that she was in the other books.

On the bright side though, I loved getting to know some other characters better such as Finnick. I loved hearing about all the creepy stuff about Snow, especially why he smelled like blood and roses. I also liked that Coin was just as bad. I loved it when Katniss visited District 8 and made all the hospital patients feel good right before they were bombed. It was great that she fought back in 8 and would have been good had she done that through the whole book. And most importantly, I loved the last paragraph of the book and the closing line between Peeta and Katniss. So sweet and romantic! Still, I will NEVER read this depressing, let down of a book again. Real or not real....

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ManicMandee said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Just because a book is hard to put down & well written doesn't mean it still can't suck! As proven in Mockingjay.