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Monday, September 27, 2010

Real or Not Real? -------------Very Real

I was lucky enough to have no expectations going into this book.  This is a rare thing and I treasured it.  I had absolutely NO IDEA how S. Collins was going to wrap this thing up.  How could she possible make the love triangle between Katniss and G and P all better?  She couldn’t damnit and I don’t blame her. I loved deeply all the characters in this book and cared about what happened to them. But life is not wrapped up in perfect little bows and ending like Full House with the sweet sentiments and the music as the message of that episode really comes full circle (RIP Uncle Jesse R.I.P.) 

Sure I like a feel good book just like anybody else does.  Our Potato Peel Pie and The Help phases will live on forever in my heart.  And I loved them.  I also like the sci-fi/fantasy phases we’ve gone through.  Who doesn’t love a society where you can plastically surgify your face any way you want and are called a “Pretty”?  Or what’s not enjoyable about having the hots for vampires and werewolves?.  (I’m totally looking at you Edward….er…Jacob….er…..)

I love reading for the love of reading, getting lost in a book, wanting to find out what happens next, pretending I AM Katniss Everdeen and must choose between the two men I love…  And the point I’m trying to make is this:

The books that speak to my heart and my soul, that I can’t stop thinking about for days or weeks or even years later, that I talk about to my husband or my friends, that I dream about at night are the books that don’t always wrap up into tidy little packages.  

If you took a look at my top ten books of all time well over half of them are books that speak of tragedy, sorrow, lost loves, uncontrollable circumstances and the characters that come out of them and triumph.  Sure, maybe they’re damaged because of it.  Maybe they are changed forever.  Maybe they will never be the same,.  But they are here and they are waking up every day and surviving.  And THAT is what resonates with me.  Guess what?  Life SUCKS sometimes.  In fact, a lot of the time life is hard.

And no matter if you are a young woman living in a  post-apocalyptic society and continually get beaten down by those unfair and evil forces in the world .........or if you’re a mid 30’s housewife living in 21st century America struggling with the  crappiest year of your life to date.........

You get up every day and survive.

That’s why I loved Mockingjay with a passion.  And no one can convince me of anything different. 

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Jenny ESP said...

Uncle Jessie is DEAD? WHAT?!!