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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Feet Ache

Review of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See by Jenny ESP

Note: do not use google images to look up pictures of what foot binding looks like/did to a woman’s feet. I must reiterate. Do NOT use google images to look up pictures of what foot binding looked like/did to feet.

If I were to describe SFATSF offhand, I would say it is a book rich in character and slight in plot, and for the reader’s interest to be captured, they would have to either a) be interested in these characters on a personal level, or b) be fascinated with ancient Chinese culture as it pertains to women. I think this is true for the most part, but after giving it more thought, I realized that the author didn’t simply rely on the reader’s interest in the characters, or interest in the strange, cruel culture of 19th century China. From the beginning, she hinted at the scandal, betrayal, lies, secrets that were to come. That kept me going as much as my interest in the characters/culture did. I enjoyed her writing style. I had to read all that foot binding stuff with one eye closed. Horrific. This made me thankful to be born in the US of A in 1980 something, that’s for sure.

I did read the “Catching Cool Breezes” chapter, of course. Being told it was inappropriate only made me more apt to read it, but that’s not my point. My point is, I didn’t interpret that encounter as a “physical relationship” between Lily and Snow Flower. It was too innocent to feel sexual. Kind of a let down. <-- I kid!!!

Thanks for the pick, Stands. I much enjoyed.

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