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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everything I Liked Could Fit Inside a Coffee Cup

I don't know why that one line stuck with me, but for some reason it did. "Everything I knew about him, I could fit inside a coffee cup." Er...something like that. I can't check my book cause I sent it to my sis.

One of the things I liked about this book was the slew of emotions I felt while I was reading it. My internal reaction to the story just kept morphing as it went on. At first, I was curious and stuff. Then, I got irritated that (spoilers...) she would even consider helping them out with that dumb stuff. I knew the minute they got in that stupid white van and started arguing with each other trying to find the cabin that the entire thing was going to fall apart. Then I found myself pulled into sympathy for CeeCee. Ok, so it was a stupid decision. But now we're here...so we may as well deal with the situation. What kind of a couple of idiots kidnap a woman who's 8 months pregnant and can't tell? Stupid 20-something year old idiots. That's who. I felt so so so so sorry for that poor woman when she realized she was going into labor and I can't imagine what she was thinking the entire time she was having that baby. Then I was mad because CeeCee went to that Naomi lady who basically shoved the baby at her and said 'You're keepin' it!' Ayeayeaye.

I didn't like how slowly the story moved through all of the little tiny motions of Cory growing up. I'm not surprised she was angry, but I kept hoping that after she'd met her real family that they would tell her that her paranoia and fear of everything was a hereditary thing she'd gotten from Russell's side of the family.

I kinda wish there had been a few less moments of, sex stuff. It always felt like I was being smacked in the head when all of a sudden I read some sentence.

It was a fascinating story. Could you imagine? Poor thing couldn't even run home and google Tim's sister to find out what had really happened with her, and the way it paralleled with her mom's life kind of explains another reason why CeeCee fell for his crap. And too darn bad that they couldn't have looked up the cabin on their gps. Too bad she didn't have a stinkin' cell phone. She could've called 911.

Sorry my review is so discombobulated and stuff. I re-read it and I sound like one of those people who talks really fast and changes the subject 500 times. And just so you know, I'm FREAKING out about what kind of a book to pick for July. The pressure is killing me!

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Amanda said...

I thought your review was great and I can't wait to see what you pick for July.