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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wierd Names Book

Ahhh, where to begin. My biggest complaint about the book was the writing was so teeny tiny. It's also my biggest complaint about reading scriptures though.
In the beginning of the book when the story was about a 9 year old girl and an 11 year old boy this is what I pictured:There is no way she would free him as a her personal slave.
There is no way she'd race to save him from falling off a cliff.
This is how they usually are:

So I had a hard time getting into the beginning with them being so young and "deep".
My favorite line of the whole book:
"Torina was alone with the empty shell of Ancilla's body. She buried her head in the worn-out bosom." What was Gramere doing to wear out her bosom? I think there was more going on in that castle than we were made privy to.
It really was a quick read. I liked the general story line, but there was just a little too many things going on, and all really quickly.

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Amanda said...

Good point about the ages and their unbelievable depth. I thought that say thing. I love the pictures you posted. Perfect!