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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stinky book

Yeah, this book stunk.  Literally.  I got my copy from the library and it smelled really bad. Like I had to wash my hands after every time I read it because I didn't want my hands to smell.  I don't think it had been flagged or anything like the one George took into the bathroom, just that musty, old book smell that's pretty unpleasant.  Anyway, once I got over the smell of the book I thought I'd be able to enjoy it until I got to page four.  That's when I knew it stunk more than just literally.  But I stuck with it and I have to admit there were some parts that were okay.  Overall the story didn't ring true to me and the writing was poor.  But I still appreciate the read.  It's always good to read something I wouldn't have normally read, so thank you, Flem, for the recommendation.  

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