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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Markie's Review

Once again I've made the mistake of not writing my review immediately after reading the book, which was over a month ago. I've been to Alaska and back since then fhs. I've had to quickly skim through it again just to remember who the main characters were. So, I guess my overall opinion of this book is... forgettable.

What I liked:
It was another easy, entertaining read that required very little brain power to enjoy. I thought the pace was nice, and the story flowed along easily without getting bogged down in a bunch of descriptive details. I like that nobody’s hair was the color of lemon, nobody’s eyes were gangly, and that Violet’s parents, aunt & uncle and their kids, and her boyfriend Jay weren’t blown to bits by a bomb.

What I didn't like:
I think she could have built the suspense more; put Violent in a little more danger for a longer period of time. I was never really too concerned for her safety. I wanted her in the shower with the killer creeping up the stairs; or maybe sitting in her uncle’s police cruiser when she realizes HE is the killer. And the whole second serial killer twist deserved a big “Oh, c’mon, gimme a break”. I knew when she caught the first killer so early in the book, and without much effort or danger that there had to be more to the story, and I hoped for something more ingenious and different than just the same plot line repeated twice.

It’s a lot of pressure choosing a book for this group. I hope you were at least entertained for a little while.

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Hot Pants said...

I know this is literally a last minute request, but Sara and I aren't goingbto be able to make it tonight now. Jenny Sam and Memzy all are out and you are out town. Should we or could we put this off a day? I'm out and don't have your number, So I hope you read this.