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Monday, May 31, 2010

Levi Lovin's

Chapter One
Violet discovers she has a crush on her hot BFF.

Chapter Two
Violet babysits and Jay pops by to tickle her but it's okay cuz they are just friends.

Chapter Three
Violet goes for a jog. She is later joined by Jay. She trips and Jay puts on a band aid.

Chapter Four
They go to a party at a lake. She finds a dead body.

Chapter Five
Violet tells police what happens. Her dad and uncle show up at the lake for support.

Chapter Six
Violet was depressed until the body was buried.

Chapter Seven
Grady asked Violet to Homecoming. Jay got mad and got a ride home with Lissie.

Chapter Eight
Violet and Jay make up.

Chapter nine
Violet gets her Homecoming dress and finds out Hailee was kidnapped.

Chapter Ten
Violet and Jay go to the movies. Violet uses the bathroom during the movie.

Chapter Eleven
Violet and Jay go to the mall. Violet discovers the men's bathroom tastes like garlic.

Chapter Twelve
Violet and Jay are in a fight. Grady is bugging Violet.

Chapter Thirteen
Grady takes Violet to the cemetery.

Chapter Fourteen
Violet decides to go to a party.

Chapter Fifteen
Grady sticks his slug tongue in Violet's mouth. Jay punches him. Violet gets mad at Jay.

Chapter Sixteen
Jay kisses Violet.

Chapter Seventeen
Violet joins a search party. She finds the killer.

Chapter Eighteen
Jay dry humps Violet.

Chapter Nineteen
Violet points out dead animals on the killers property.

Chapter Twenty
Violet and Jay are an item. Jay goes home during the middle of a make out session.

Chapter Twenty One
Violet gets chased by the killer but her 16 year old boyfriend scares him away.

Chapter Twenty Two
Violet goes to a hospital for a sprained ankle. Her uncle orders 24/7 cop at her house.

Chapter Twenty Three
Violet goes to school and stuff. Jay tells her that they are going to Homecoming.

Chapter Twenty Four
Violet watches a movie while eating popcorn. Jay comes over.

Chapter Twenty Five
Violet and Jay go to the dance. Violet leaves Jay's sight so she can go to the bathroom.

Chapter Twenty Six
Violet stays behind in the bathroom so the killer can get her. He confesses everything to her.

Chapter Twenty Seven
Jay discovers Violet was left alone in the bathroom and alerts the cops.

Chapter Twenty Eight
Jay (16 yr old B.F.) stands up to the serial killer. Someone gets shot.

Chapter Twenty Nine
Jay is still alive. The End.


Flem said...

GREAT summary. Since I opted out of the book this month, I am assuming this is the real plot.

Can you always do a review like this?

eekareek said...

Of course.