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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Landee Looks in her Crystal

In honor of my favorite Top 10 list maker, yea, the very woman who chose this month’s book club book, I present to you my Top 10 Reasons Why I Thoroughly Enjoyed this book:

10. It was readily available at my local library. Several copies. No wait.

9. After some fairly hard-hitting historical fictions, it was lovely to sit and read a great adventure full of villains, heroes and a fiery redhead.

8. I loved the names in this story. Sometimes these types of book have the lamest names (Po comes to mind) but this one was perfect. Kareed, Torina, Vesputo, Andris, Glavenrell…they were all a little quirky but believable for the supposed time period.

7. I love a good thief. Especially one that uses his talents for good.

6. It was refreshing to have the “good” people be good and the “bad” people be bad. It continued to be exciting without any forced twists or outlandish backstabbing.

5. Though it was amazing how all of these characters’ paths crossed, Torina and Landen worked their way up to the High King, etc. it was all believable and made perfect sense.

4. I had two people to crush on: Bellanes and Dahmis. I guess I’m attracted to the strong, honorable and smart types.

3. When Landen swooped in at the end, knocked out Torina and hauled her off on her horse it reminded me of The Princess Bride. ← no greater compliment can I give.

2. It’s always nice to see the heroine save the day at the end as Torina did (with the skills Landen had taught her). It’s like it all came full circle.

1. No icky love scenes.

Toooootal jaykay on that last one. That was the worst part!! I needed some hands traveling up thighs and some heaving chests or something! But no….clean as a whistle, this book. ::sigh::

My only other complaint would be that I felt like the author didn’t trust her readers to connect the dots on their own. Something would happen and then a paragraph of italics would be inserted representing the character’s thoughts. These italics would re-explain all that had just happened and what we were supposed to learn from it. Landee wanted to be given more credit from the author. She can make connections just fine on her own thankyouverymuch!

But all in all a great, light read full of adventure and mystery. I can see a nerdy little 13 year old girl really diggin’ it. Especially if she’s a red-head.

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Amanda said...

Landee when you said "no icky love scenes" I said, "What the?" out loud. Then I laughed pretty hard when you said "Jaykay." You totally got me good!