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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Landee Dies And No One Can Find Her Body

In the acknowledgements… “To the entire team at HarperCollins…for helping me polish The Body Finder into something that sparkles.” 
Ok Kimi Derting, I think “sparkles” is a bit of an over-statement here.  I’d say it had some quasi-shimmery spots here & there but that’s about it.   You polish a turd and it’s still a turd…just sayin!  ::gangsta arms::
I’m not saying this was totally turdish though.
The Good
I like the concept for the book.  I like her “ability” and I thought it had great potential for a great book.  Nothing like matching up imprints to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I, for one, am a fan of imprints in teenage novels.  Ask anyone. 
I was genuinely creeped out whenever it was in the “serial kidnapper’s” voice.   He was icky and I didn’t like hearing how he thought about things.  His tricks to get girls to get in his car, his referring to it in hunting terms, his insatiable desires….all yucky and I didn’t like it.  This is in “the good” section because that is exactly what the author was trying to do. 
There were times when I was nervous and worried about people which means the author did her job in creating excitement. 
Jay.  He sounds hawt & he’s super nice.  Reminds me of Jacob.

The Bad
My A Numero Uno beef with this book is the beyond lame “twist” at the end where the dood had a friggin PARTNER in his kidnapping/murder escapades.  There are no tag team criminals in the arena of taking and murdering young girls.  None. These types of disgusting men work alone.   I know Kim tried to make it seem like the one just liked the hunt and game of it and the other liked the killing but I simply don’t buy it.   So what, like, the first guy is all hunting and getting a girl a day and the other guy just has to kill them all?  What if the killer guy doesn’t feel like killing that day?  Or that month?  What do you do then?  Not to even mention how these two guys hooked up and formed a partnership.  I can just imagine how that conversation went:
Kidnapper Guy: Hey, I like stealing girls but not a big fan of killing them.  The problem is once they see me they can identify me and, you know, I’m a cop & stuff so that would suck.  Anyway, would you mind killing some teenage girls for me?
Murderer Guy: This is destiny!  I love murder but hate having to chase these girls down!   These extra pounds I’ve packed on in the last few years have really slowed me down.  What a pain!  Let’s do dis.
::shake hands vigorously and clap each other on the back::
Aaaand scene.
Chyaright!  After that I just rolled my eyes at the whole thing, make out scenes and all. 
I also found Violet to be somewhat unlikable but her friends to be intolerable.  That’s not a huge deal but I figured I’d throw it in there.   
Overall I didn’t feel like I wasted a couple of days reading this, per say, but I definitely won’t be recommending this book to anyone.  Or telling anyone else I read it.   Mums the word.  

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Amanda said...

I know you're a fan of imprints but I have to say that I like cold, sparkly things best. :)