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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Find Dead People

....and animals, and, stuff.

I started reading this book on an airplane with my head still lost somewhere on a beach in the Caribbean. So, I was g.l.u.e.d. our entire flight and finished the book before we landed in Denver. Big switcheroo from everybodieshappyandonvacation to findingdeadbodiesandbeingchasedbyadoodincamoduds. Wow! I was a little excited to read something with some good 'snogging' and teenage love. I'm so getting too grown up tho, cause I kept thinking, "They're letting them be ALONE like that in her BEDROOM all the TIME like this???" "Don't they know what teenagers like to DO when they're alone all the time in their bedrooms?"

I loved the way the book switched between the girl and the bad guy. He was way creepy and all that, but the suspense of trying to guess who he was chasing down and hearing his thoughts made the book more compelling. I found myself anxious for his next chapter - like staring at a train wreck. I didn't put too much thought into the teamed up bad guys. Fargo was like a bad guy team. There have certainly been other examples of that. Creepy doods find eachother - and watch eachother's backs and stuff. I think. Well....anyway.

I thought the end, when she was on crutches at the prom, I mean homecoming dance was WAY predictable and then the lame deserted bathroom and blahblahblah. I was very relieved that Jay wasn't the one that got shot at the end. He wouldn't have been bitter dandelions anyway. He would have been more like oranges or candy canes or...nevermind. Don't ask.

Can't wait for the discussion. Whenever it is. And I'm excited for you all to meet my younger sis. I LOVE that she's out of school for the summer and can actually read for her own entertainment.

P.S. Markie - can't wait to hear how you came across this book.


Amanda said...

Standsmom, I had the same thoughts about why are the parents letting them spend so much time in bedroom alone. A true sign of age unfortunately. ::sigh::

Amanda said...

PS That's so cool that you got to go to the Caribbean.