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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Body Grinder, I mean Finder

Jespy's review of The Body Finder

For me, the term “easy read” means more than just that a book has easy vocabulary, concept, or plot. An “easy read” is a page turner. A book is only easy to read if I don’t want to put it down every few pages. Conversely, a book (which may have simple vocab, concept, or plot) that I constantly want to put down, is a hard read.

I just wanted to clear that up before I describe this book as an “easy read.” I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and think I am simply describing the text.

So, it's an easy read. I finished it fast, and I enjoyed reading it. Much of it was indulgent nonsense, but the characters were well-developed, and the relationship between Violet and Jay was fleshed out—litrly. Plus it had that awesome levi-lovin scene that was described in intricate detail, leaving nothing up to the imagination. (Keep your children away from this book. And keep them away from my review too, for good measure.)

My favorite scene was when Jay and Violet’s dad had that mysterious murmured convo over the dinner table and then shook hands, right before Jay took Violet up to her room. This is my guess:

Jay—“Permission to grind with your daughter, sir.”

Dad—“Permission granted.”

Jay—“Great. We’ll be up in her room, on her bed. If you must check on us, knock first, K?”

Dad—“Sounds like a reasonable request. Have fun you two.”


These are some things I didn’t like:

All those details about the homecoming dance were indulgent nonsense and only reminded me that this book was written for teenage girls who go googoogaga for that stuff.

Violet’s decisions at the end (such as using the far away empty bathroom at the dance) were silly nonsensical rubbish and pulled me right out of the story so I could roll my eyes.

The twist was unbelievable. I also didn’t buy the killer’s decision to kill again when the cops already “had their guy.” He was in the clear. Just didn’t make sense for him to go after Violet, regardless of his suspicions.

Silly ending or not, I still had fun reading this book. Thanks for the pick, Markie!

*My appearance at the discussion tonight will be spotty. I apologize in advance!

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Amanda said...

Lol @ Body Grinder and the convo between Violet's dad and Jay. You never cease to crack me up Miss Jespy.