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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best day ever, was the one I spent reading this book!

I have never literally LOL'ed so many times while reading a book before. And for this reason, I have to say I loved this book. But, I loved it in a Saved By The Bell, or To Justin From Kelly sort of way.
This book had potential to be a good book in a different sort of way, maybe if the author had an adult with her who could help her out a bit.
* Jay is really good at putting band-aids on booboos.
* Violet is so pretty and she doesn't even know it you gize.
* Jay and Violet's dad shook on something and we'll never know what it was. But, here's my guess... See, Jay was trying to keep watch over Violet and he also needed to study and work his job so he could save up for a fancy car, like a Volvo Acura. He was running out of energy so he started taking caffeine pills. Violet's dad found out and helped him quit. They made a pact and shook on it.
* After making his caffeine quitting pact with Violet's dad, he proceeded to then make out with Violet.
* Levi-Lovin

I had the best time reading this book, and for that, I owe you big time Markie!

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Amanda said...

Lol @ your caffeine pills video and "levi lovin."