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Saturday, May 1, 2010

April hath passed

And we need to set our time to discush.  I apologize for being out of town so many Sundays and it just so happens that I will be on the road again tomorrow night.  However, I am voting for two options:

1)  Tomorrow evening 9 pm PT
2)  Tomorrow evening 8 pm PT with someone else moderating (I won't be to my hotel by then)
3)  Next Sunday at 8 pm PT which will get us behind for next month.

Any votes?

Again, sorry for my slackerhood.


Memzy said...

You can't miss it!! Other than that I'm cool with whenever.

Markie23 said...

I'll be out of town next Sunday, but Stands will probably be back by then. So who do you like more? ;o)

Hot Pants said...

What's the plan? I'm on page 249. I have almost a hundred more to go. Do I stay up late tonight to finish, or go to bed and finish leisurely throughout the week?

Amanda said...

I agree that you can't miss it. My vote is for tonight at 9 pm PT.

Hot Pants said...

Never mind, I finished. See ya tonight!

Gus Esplin said...

Flem, you must be there! Does that mean we are doing this tonight at 9pm?

Landee said...

What's the decij? Since my Internet is down and will remain that way until Thursday I won't be able to participate tonight if it is tonight. I'll drive around the neighborhood and steal someone's wifi to post my review but I'm not gonna sit outside someone's house at 10pm tonight. It's fine if I don't get to participate, I'm just letting you know.

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