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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a Few Comments

Don't take this as any kind of a review. It's been months since I read the book and I never got around to re-reading it or reviewing it for today's posts or tonight's discussion.

I loved Liesel. I loved Rosa as much as I hated her. I loved her dad and what they did for Max. I was so expecting Rosa to kick his can out the door, but she really surprised me and went right along with it. I remember loving the way Death described things, the way he used colors and descriptive words. And truly, as Death, his descriptions would be a little off compared to something a regular person would say.

I loved that we got to see this side of WWII. From the perspective of a citizen of Germany, not necessarily a supporter of Hitler. It was fascinating.

I also just want to say - (sorry for the sappy) - that I really enjoy reading the different reviews from everyone. It's really enlightening to read everyone's different perspectives. Maybe it's just because I spent several days with my family and I'm feeling homesick for my friends. Much less drama, you know. And much less crazy.

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Amanda said...

I love reading everyone's reviews too. It's so much fun!