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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cuz We Like Fairytales

But I am not sure about the happy ending yet, hopefully Torina won't die at the end leaving behind her former slave, a hot little dark-haired pacifist.

Hope you like it.

April's libro is...

The Seer and the Sword

I won't put the picture on the cover because they have a whackado pic of her but here is how I envision Torina:


Markie23 said...

Wait, I thought we liked books where everyone died in the end.

Jenny ESP said...

Yikes! Ann-with-an-e Shirley? The book cover is going up on the sidebar anyway! And when you wrote "libre," I thought you were talking horoscopes.

Anyway, excited for this book! Sounds good, I just hope they all die at the end.

Landee said...

A hollah-back to the era of The Thief, eh? Maybe a little Graceling action as well? Exciting!

If Torina and Landen succeed in restoring peace to the kingdom I shall never forgive you. EVERYONE. MUST. DIE.

samandlysander said...

Sounds great! I love Ann Shirley so this book will be a walk in the park. I've committed to reading this one.

Ugh books and movies where good people die in the end are always too sad for me, even if they are critically acclaimed masterpeices. I just like a happy ending is that so bad. It makes you feel good inside which is the point of reading and watching movies in the first place.

Memzy said...

Don't worry Sam they are just teasing your dad for last nights discussion.

I'm essited for this book! I love how different people pick different things and that's what makes our book club great and well rounded.

Flem said...

Okay guys I just finished this book and I am so sad it is over. Even if you don't like it I am soooo happy I read it.

5 stars.

Amanda said...

I've never been a fairytale kinda girl, (I'm the everyone dies kind) but count me in. It looks fascinating.

Princess Kimi said...

oOOOOOooo Princesses...Round Table era....Someone named "Landen"...mention of a "lover"...352 pages...hmmm... this one is tempting.