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Sunday, April 18, 2010

April's Encouragement

If there is anyone out there who has not finished this book (or started it yet) then be ye not dismayed--it takes about a day to finish the whole thing.  And the good news is that you have another two weeks.

April has brought a shower of work for me so I have no fun surveys or contests.  But it is meant to be a light read, a fairy tale to remind us that there are books out there that know what we want without making us think too hard... or really at all.

So Torina, Torina... she calls your name.


Landee said...

I looked into my crystal (iPhone) & saw myself finishing the book. And then I did!! I'm pretty sure I have the gift.

Memzy said...

Landen was my kind if guy. I'd toooootally hit that.

Jenny ESP said...

I'm on part two, and can confirm Landen's hittness.

Amanda said...

I'm starting it tonight. It better be good. Or else.