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Monday, February 1, 2010

Potato Book Review

Who would have thought that a book that had "Potato Peel" in the title could invoke so many emotions from me? It was beyond my expectations, in a very good way.
The letters created a personal connection to the characters that was very unique to my reading experience. It was so real and intimate to read someone's letter and feel the emotions they were feeling at the time. We don't normally get to read other people's letters. And what a wonderful way to show us their different personalities through their writing styles. I loved reading this book. Normally I read very quickly but I found with this book I wanted to make sure I comprehended every word and pictured what they were describing.
The difficult subject matter was communicated in a way that was both soft and gut wrenching at the same time. My heart broke when we heard of the pregnant woman who had died frozen to the floor in the camp. I have read and seen so may stories and movies about the Nazi command but I only let it get to me so far. This book made it very real for me because I was so connected to the characters. Elizabeth...wow, what an amazing woman. I wanted to know her, feel her incredible humanity.
Juliet was the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She was so funny, such a girl - worrying about her clothes, hair and yet caring and compassionate. I love that she was best friends with a gay man and they way we found out - priceless! So nonchalant...just one line and prior to that I had no idea. I was on board for the Juliet and Sydney love connection.
This book made my laugh, tear up and feel so incredibly thankful for the life I have.


Jenny ESP said...

So glad you loved it Mich! It was a delightful book. And I have a sneaking suspicion you will love Feb's book too. It's purchase-worthy, so grab it next time you're at Costco.

mesplin said...

Jenny, you've never given me bad book advise :) Hopefully I'll get the Feb book done in time to join the discussion.