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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maids, and why I want one

I adored this book. It's funny, because it kept coming up in the "people who liked this also liked___" on my amazon searches but I just hadn't gotten around to it. So, when it was chosen as our book this month I was essited! This is why I like reading so much. It consumes me. It takes me to another world. It is an escape from my mundane daily tasks. I enjoyed this book about as much as a hot fudge brownie sundae. Which is to say that the plate was licked clean by the end and I coulda had another. But I don't like nuts in my brownie. Which brings me to the naked guy.

Never mind.

Why can't I have a BFF who is also the help that will cook and clean and iron everything in my life? I would treat her awes and give her lots of time off and Christmas bonuses and everything. And I'd only let her raise my kids on the bottle weaning and potty training parts.

But srsly, I think no matter how you "slice" it, this book had me laughing and crying and also, tho I hate to admit it,...thinking. Not necessarily about race but about people's perceptions of each other. You just NEVER KNOW how or why another person thinks/feels/acts like they do. What they've been through. And I like that. Because don't we all compare ourselves to others too often? And make choices too often based on what other people may think of us? And put poo in pies?

Oh wait.

Anyway, I hate to get too serious but I am really enjoying a little bit more grit and substance to our book club choices lately. It's a nice change.

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