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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Letter for You

My Dear Friend,

It’s getting close to that time of night when the kids go to bed and peace, once again, seeps back into the house. We’ve just come from a dinner out and I am uncomfortably full. Despite these two distractions, I had to write you immediately. I recently found a collection of the most delightfully touching letters! They captivated my attention for days. I could hardly put them down. I feel it is only out of my loyal duty as your friend to share these letters with you. How lovely it would be to meet up for lunch and discuss them in great detail!
The letters center around a witty and assertive woman named Juliet. She is so pleasant to read from. I dearly wish she were in our close circle of friends. I think we would enjoy her company so much. She is a writer, which only makes her casual letters that much more entertaining. By either accident or coincidence, she meets (through letters, of course) a group of wonderful people. They all have the most interesting personalities. I’m entirely convinced that a trip to their little island would be just the sort of thing we could do together. I found myself daydreaming about staying in one of their charming little cottages, digging in a garden and gazing into the sunset. One of the best details about these letters is that they take place in post WWII. The people discuss their experiences and feelings and their stories are painful and wonderful all at the same time. Oh yes! Another great character is a woman named Elizabeth – someone whom I would also dearly love to meet. I know you will love her too!
Certainly, I can’t give too much detail because it might ruin the experience of reading the letters for yourself.
I do miss you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! The letters are already on their way and I will await your reply, with pencil and calendar in hand, so that we can schedule a ladies lunch to discuss!

As ever yours,


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