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Monday, January 25, 2010

Potato Peel Pie Discussion

So, does anyone have a Potato Peel Pie recipe that sounds better than that one down there???

Srsly, though, I can't do the SRBC book club discussion on Sunday night due to Stake Choir practice. I'm the pianist, so they sort of notice when I don't show up. I tried to explain that the SRBC is more important, but sadly, they didn't see it my way. And, Sam didn't come last night, and our basses are pathetic without him, so he's not missing next week.

So, this is the deal: We can either 1)Have the discussion at the usual time without the CA Baileys :0( or 2) Have the discussion Sunday night, but kind of late, like 9-ish PST (which is when we get home) or 3) Have the discussion at 7:30 pm PST on Monday night (that's 8:30 for Utah folks. Nevada and Colorado you gotta figure your own out, I can't remember what time zone ya'll are).

I say we take a vote and see when we would get the most people...and if it's Sunday at the regular time, I promise not to cry. Too much. I will still have our review up on Sunday morning (I hope).


Jenny ESP said...

I vote option 2.

But option 3 works for me too.

Markie23 said...

I vote for option 4) Saturday night at whatever o'clock PST.
My second choice is option 3.

Landee said...

I vote #2.

Memzy said...

Option 2. Can't wait!!

Amanda said...

I vote for Monday night.

mesplin said...

2 or 3 works for me.

Anonymous said...

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