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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Half Read, Half Cliff Notes on Tape Review

So I tried, really I did.  I tried to read it.  But the holidays and the baking and the froofiness of the writing all got in the way.  I read the first half and then had Stands tell me what happens. 

FHS Edith!  WHY the descriptions?  Whyyyyyy?

But srsly tho....poor Archer....no, poor MAY... no, poor ELLEN...no wait, poor fat old lady Mignott!  Can you believe she built her house in those slums near Central Park?  Appalling. 

These indulgent pompous jagbags don't deserve any of our pity.  This is what happens when you worry more about what other people think than what you really want out of life, OR what the right thing to do is.  It was exhausting trying to keep up with all the social by-laws.  I wouldn't have survived in that society, believachoome. 

As far as the writing goes, I did find it somewhat interesting.  If only I had 2 years to read it I would have enjoyed it much more.  Reading this under a deadline was no bueno.

I'm putting the movie on hold at the library right now.  Michelle Pfeiffer better deliver the performance of her life as that hussy Countess Olenski. 

I'm off to the opera now.  I hope my wrist doesn't accidentally show.  All the menfolk will flip out. 

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