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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Patch: Why This Name Almost Ruins the Whole Book

I mean srsly... Patch?  PATCH?   There are a GAJILLION names out there to name characters in a book.  Maybe even two gajillion.  And Ms. Fitzgerald decides to go with Patch.  Why?  Oh, in the name of fallen angels everywhere, WHY???  I just couldn't get over it.

Not only does the word feel gross coming off the tongue when you say it, it conjures up undesirable images.... the nicotine patch to help you stop smoking,  eye patches, ugly things to cover holes in knees, Madge on The Office (she works in the warehouse) that Michael Scott keeps calling Patch, things that go on scout uniforms that I hate sewing on, that guy with the pockmarks who was on Days of Our Lives for a while.    So basically, nothing sexy.   And the history behind his name was beyond lame.  ::say the following in your "dumb guy" voiced::  "Uh, yeah, Patch kept getting in fights and I had to keep patching him up. Get it?  Get it??"  ::badumbump ching!::  Dumb.

Also, the characters were predictable.  Even though I didn't exactly know how it was going to all play out, I knew Patch was good and Jules would eventually be the bad guy.  Becca tried to make him inconspicuous but I was on to her & her little trick.   And what is with that mom leaving Nora home alone all week?  I mean, really?  THAT is your option?  No.  I don't believe it.

All that being said, I found the book to be an enjoyable read.  Once I was into it I was into it.  I can see where the Twilight parallels could be drawn by simply taking out the vampire and putting in the fallen angel but I didn't find it to be embarrassingly so.   If only they'd have met in another class besides Biology, fhs.   Again, Ms. Fitzgerald, there is English, History, Algebra....take your pick.  Biology has been done before.  Don't.  <-----::wondering why the editors didn't say this.

Am I hot for Patch?  No.

Do I like Nora?  No.

Was it quasipredictable?  Yes indeedy.

Did I find the storyline to be compelling anyway?  I say B-.

Do I wish there were shirtless werewolves? Doyeeeeeee.

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Out to get Landee said...

My late husbands name is Patch.