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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everything Landee Said (Especially The Part About Shirtless Werewolves)Plus...

I enjoyed reading the book but it was definitely predictable. If I hadn't been borrowing my sister Amy's book, I would have written in all my predictions in the margins of the book and then been able to prove to everyone that I knew Patch was good and Elliot and Jules were naughty, that Nora seeing the movie The Sacrifice was a foreshadow into her death (I even texted that one to Amy) and that Ms. Greene was the lady in the hoodie and she was bad, and that Dumbledore was gay. I would have written all that! Just because it was all too predictable and a little on the corny side doesn't mean that I didn't appreciated the counter top kissing scene. I just replaced Patch with Jacob and Nora with me. It was a fast read and I will definitely be reading the next book. In fact, I can't wait to read more about Patch being Nora's guardian angel. And Dabria is still out there...just like Victoria is still out there. Do you think that Dabria will go out and recruit a bunch of newborn fallen angels to get a gang together to take down Patch and Nora??? I hope so. I am thinking that the next book will be similar to The Heavenly Kid. Remember that movie??
I LOVED that movie!!!!

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