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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I’m sorry – no offense to anyone, but I did not like this book. I hated it.
I’ve decided that finishing a book in one or two days means nothing, cause that’s proving to be the standard amount of time for me. I used to think that if I finished it that fast – it was really good. This time, it was cause I knew I needed to read it and I just wanted to get it over with.

Things that annoyed me; the horrible familiarity I felt this book drew toward Edward and Bella - like Nora and Patch meeting in class, black eyes, dark and mysterious…blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but nobody can use that again and make it better or more original. I hated that Nora was at home alone all the time. At night? What the? She’s a 16 year old girl out in some farmhouse. That was dumb. Her friend was annoying. Vee was a troublemaker, and she was a snotty snot at school. I couldn’t stand that Coach was having that discussion in class about attraction – but seemed to only be aware of three kids in the classroom. Anyway – I could go on and on with one detail after another, but that would take a long time.
The plot was weak. The characters were under-developed and annoying. I really really really wanted to like Patch. I wanted to enjoy the brief, and unfinished, steamy moments between he and Nora. But, I just couldn’t feel it. He was so weird and disrespectful in one moment and then pushing her toward sex the next. The other two boys, Elliot and Jules were irritating too. So arrogant and not really connected to anything until the very end. How did the prior ‘suicide’ of the other girl have ANYTHING to do with anything? It never got really tied in. It was simply thrown in there so Nora would have something to feel suspicious about. And, srsly – she took herself into Seattle, I mean Portland, so she could investigate the murder herself? She wandered into some stupid alleyway alone? She took off her coat and hat and gave them to a stupid baglady? I kept waiting for Patch to come screaming around the corner in his silver Volvo to save her. At the end, when she’s in the ballet studio, I mean school gym and she throws herself from the rafters…but there’s nothing broken and her mom is so disconnected. I don’t know. It’s all so weird. The cops show up and Nora manages to LIE again and get away with it, AGAIN. And the cops are all interrogating her without an adult present. I can’t stand it.
In the end, I was hoping Elliot had killed Vee so I didn’t have to listen to her anymore. I didn’t care if Nora and Patch were together. I didn’t particularly like the religious references and fallen angel stuff. Ugh.

I say we get the chat over quick and then get right into what we get to read this month. Really, tho. I mean NO disrespect to the book chooser. I picked The Girl Who Could Fly after all.

Oh - and amen to Landee. Shirtless werewolves are my new fav thing. Buff. Cut. Wet in the rain.


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