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Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Review

I thought this book was so good...until I finished it. It was the worst ending in the entire world! What the...??? Seriously, she just let everyone die to find another village terrorized by zombies??? How is that any better?? What was wrong with Harry??? He was way better than Travis. Travis had a gimpy leg and didn't speak up for her.

The good parts of the book:

I liked the village idea. M. Night Shyamalan made an interesting movie with this concept and the book improved it.

The "Sisters" were creepy and interesting. I liked how mysterious they were and the promise they gave of a good book...even though it didn't happen, I like the possibility that it could have happened.

I liked the love triangle between Mary, her friend and the two brothers. Even though Harry was the obvious choice since Travis was a pansy who just teased her but didn't actually come for her, I liked all the conflicts between everyone and once Travis was dead, I liked that Harry had a chance.

I loved it when they were invaded by the zombies and were forced to leave their village and Mary finally got to see what was beyond the fence with her estranged brother, future husband, the man she was really in love with and his future wife. I love awkward situations and this was definitely one of them.

It was very exciting when they found the new village and it brought a lot anticipation...and then the book started going downhill. And fast.

There was no chemistry or romance what so ever between Mary and Travis and they were trapped alone together in house. In fact, she would go to the attic just to get away from him. That doesn't really convince me that she loves him.

Once they were forced from the village due to the fire that the unsupervised little boy started, the book just got worse and worse and I grew to hate Mary. The ending was so horrible that I completely forgot all that was good left in the world. I just wanted the zombies to kill her and everyone else and have it be over with. but instead, she just abandoned her friends and let her brother die for her.

But it was okay because there was going to be a sequel. This book could still redeem itself...until I found out that the sequel was totally new characters with an entirely new story. YOU SUCK, FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH!!! The only good thing that came of this book was the contest. Your welcome everybody.

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