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Monday, October 19, 2009

In The Blogging World, I Am Not Cool...

...But in real life, I am totally popular! I have tons of friends, gize. I won't give you their names cuz you wouldn't know them anyways, but trust me, I am way cool.

So how do I know that I am unpopular in the world of blogger?

Well, my first clue was the lack of compliments people give me.

And secondly, I called ITT Tech

But, what really made me realize that I was not cool was when I held a contest for our book this month. Last month, the contest was HUGE! This month, not so much.

Pictures were due yesterday. I got one entry.
It came in at midnight. (Phew)

Now, word has gone around that a few people still want to enter. At first I was feeling bitter and angry and thought no. But then I realized that I am still cool and popular in real life so to show all the bloggers that I am cool, I will give a 3 day extention.
No More.
If you don't enter, my one entry and I get all the prizes.

Email pictures to me before the sun sets on the 3rd day (Wednesday by midnight).


ManicMandee said...

You're totally cool to me online AND in the flesh. So don't take it as an insult that I'm not entering. I've got some other time consuming projects that are in the way. But I'll be on the sidelines!

Amanda said...

I say that the non-slacker who entered on time should get all the prizes.

ShelBailey said...

I wasn't crazy about the book, but we were totally going to do the contest anyway. However, Meg and I spent the last week sick and did good to get school stuff done. Ok, we really didn't do much of that, either, lol. Now, we've moved onto her Halloween costume. (Cleopatra!)

ShelBailey said...

And, catching up school, of course.

Amanda said...

PS I think you're cool.

Markie23 said...

Your way cool, but this project smacks of homework, and you can't eat it when your done. I still want to do it, but I'd have to find, I don't know... glue?, Popsicle sticks?, a box?... not to mention a miniature cathedral, a small forest, lost of miniature chain link fencing, some little angst ridden teenagers, and most importantly zombies. I checked Walmart... they're all out.

Memzy said...

Yay, yay, and super yay!!! I knew staying in Hawaii long enough would get the time extended!!

Jenny ESP said...

My diorama is gonna blow all your gize's minds!!! I scrapped my construction paper mess last night and started over. The entire diorama is made of cake! Yum.

Flem said...

So the superintendent is trying to close my kids school, I think that counts. If I were sick or something I would have tried but this is taking all of my energy!

Maybe I can make this new deadline though it is unlikely.

Hot Pants said...

My favorite thing about this post is how 5 out of 7 people still told you no. Rudeness! Good thing I'm one of your friends IRL. (and you have mom too, cuz she told me you two were friends) I also think most everyone's problem is they know I'm going to sweep it again. People are tired of going up against me and losing. They especially don't stand a chance since you said hissy fits are allowed.

eekareek said...

Shel, What a better school project than a diorama? You can make it Meg's project.
Markie, stick a cake in the bottom of your diorama and then eat it afterwards.
Flem, this project should come before your kids.
Memzy, Jenny, that is the right attitude.
Amy, You said it best.
Amanda, you are the only one who entered into my contest so I know you think I am cool. I think you're cool too

Landee said...

Mine is done...on time and under budget.

You're the coolest Morgan sisterhood hands down.

Kim said...


Hot Pants said...

That t-shirt is gonna look hot on me.

Hot Pants said...

Let my hissy fit begin.