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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It is now time for the October S.R.B.C. contest!

As you all know, our book this month is The Forest of Hands and Teeth. To honor our book and get us pumped for our discussion we are having another contest...with rules. Cake decorating is so last month, so we are doing a diorama contest. You may need to get your kids help with this one.

The dioramas may be as simple as this or...
...as creative as this.
Everyone need to create one diorama that represents the book. It can be a scene from the book or just your interpretation of the book. Three pictures may be entered. All pictures must be emailed to me (sarastrasser@hotmail.com) no later than Sunday, October 18th. The contest will be held on Monday the 19th. If you have not finished reading the book by the 18th, it is okay. You can just do a diorama of something you have read so far, or just open up the book to any random page and do a diorama of that page. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the prizes.


Rule #1. No cheating.

Rule #2. The poll will just be for fun. The real votes will be an email voting system where the contestant will email their votes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to me.

Rule #3. Hissy fits ARE allowed.


I know this is what all you greedy people are after. Okay, here are the prizes.

First Place prize is:
A SHIRT! (Way cooler than an apron)
If you happen to be a man and you get first place, the shirt will then become a man shirt but the same logo.

Second Place Prize is:
A MUG...with hands and teeth. Don't be grossed out.***

And Third Place Prize is:


See, aren't these prizes worth it? Now get to reading and then get to work.

***Designed and created by JEspy


eekareek said...

What?!?! No comments????

Hot Pants said...

You thought my cake decorating skillz were amazing, wait till you see my diarhea-rama skillz! Pretty sure I sweep all three prizes.

Memzy said...

I'm pretty sure this is my punishment for going to Hawaii next week. Am I right Sara? Damn you SRBC!!!!!

Katie said...

Now I want to read the book so I can win a prize. I haven't got anything better to do today anyway. Uh, quickly, can you tell me if I can find this book at Walmart? Is there a chance it would be at the library? If its at the library, it probably sucks.

Jenny ESP said...

I am queen of the shoebox dioramas around here. You might as well give up now.

eekareek said...

Going to Hawaii is no excuse. It takes only a few minutes to throw some clay together or cut out some paper girls and make a diorama, Memzy. You need to tell yourself that you will not go to Hawaii until this VERY important project is completed.

Shel said...

They had it at my library. But, I have to say, I read it and I'm not really a fan. BUT, we may do the diorama thing anyway...

Flem said...

1) I don't want any of the gross prices because I am squeamish unlike memzy who donates blood on the regulah
2) Since I just read this book (thank you Albany-Charlotte leg of today's flight) and absolutely ADORE it--better be a sequel--I might actually participate
3) I hope I don't get swine flu because it has been in every city I have been this trip and these contests seem to bring out the flu in me. I do love my previous prize though
4) Only the contestants vote? Can't you select a panel of 6 people who are not entering and have them vote?

Flem said...

PS Can I do a digital diorama with some cool technology instead? I am really bad at paper stuff.

Amanda said...

Sweet. A good excuse to go buy a new pair of shoes.

StandsMom said...

Can I be on the non-participating vote committee?