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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Forest of Waste-My-Time

The Forest of Hands and Teeth started out so promising that it's hard to believe it could have gone so horribly wrong.

I loved the concept of a post-apocolyptic village surrounded by zombies. The sisterhood was intriguing; especially when it appeared they were keeping some very big secrets. The first several chapters opened up so many questions and I couldn't wait to have them all answered.
  • Why didn't the sisterhood tell everyone in the village about Gabrielle?
  • Were they the ones responsible for her becoming a zombie?
  • Why was Gabrielle a super fast zombie?
  • How did the zombies breach the village defenses?
Unfortunately the author didn't answer ANY of those questions. If she wasn't going to answer any of the sisterhood/zombie related questions the least she could have done was to develop the romance angle. But NOOOOOO. She had to go and destroy that as well. How STUPID to develop this romance between Mary and Travis and then when they are finally alone together they don't even want to be in same room with each other?

Then when Travis gets infected I think, OK, maybe they will discover a cure or something, but then when Mary cuts his head off... Ugh. What a stupid, stupid book. I thought maybe the author might try and redeem herself with a sequel or two, but after reading Sarah's review I guess that's out as well.

I now realize that every death in this book... Mary's Mother, sister-in-law, boyfriend(?); even Gabrielle... were totally pointless. There was no moral to this story, no growth, no triumph, just a bunch of depressing drivel.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth... I'll be trying to wash it off my hands and pick it from my teeth for weeks to come.

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dtgooden said...

This is way late--but you're spot on. I can't believe it has four stars on Amazon. I usually suffer through bad books I've started, but it was unbearable. So many plot holes and screwy motivations.