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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can't think of a title

Immediately, I pictured the village from the movie The Village as I got into this book. The lack of technology, etc., the platforms for safety. The fence keeping the zombies out. The religious weirdness. And then with the zombies being able to ‘infect’ people and turn them, I pictured them as the same dudes from I Am Legend. Creepy. That movie freaked me out. I kept wondering if they stood around in circles, breathing really fast – or if they all ran temperatures of like 115 degrees.
I felt like I hardly got to know Mary before everything fell apart. I was thoroughly annoyed by the reaction of family and friends when her mother died. Her brother was the biggest jerk ever. Her friends didn’t come to see her. Harry didn’t speak for her. Geez. Then, later when they all needed her help and stuff they were crappy about it and she didn’t even really stick up for herself.
Every time it seemed she was going to settle in and deal with something for a while, she’d freak out and throw herself into some reckless thing, like busting down that door to get into the really dark scary tunnel. Or sneaking into Travis’s room. Loved that little paragraph of her getting off the bed, btw. Steamy. Or, was the steamy just that one sentence?
Anyway, some of it was exciting. Some paragraphs I kind of para-read. It was quick. I’m curious to find out what happens now that she’s in some lighthouse with a stranger. And good riddance to the Sisterhood. They were creepy.

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