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Friday, October 23, 2009

And The Winners Are....

First the popularity votes.

Obviously the winner is:

Me! (I told you I was cool and popular)

See, I am totally popular. Everybody was laughing at my joke probably.

Now for the real contest.

Well, first we are going to announce who the diorama's belonged to.

#1. Mary crawling over Travis: The Hot Scene
By Amanda O.

#2. Zombies in the ocean: The End
By J. Espy

#3. Rescuing Travis from a house full of zombies: Part 1

By Landee A

#4. Mary Mary quite contrary: The zombie dance

By Memzy W.

#5. Rescuing Travis from a house full of zombies: Part 2

By Eek S.

#6. Err...: Err??

By Amy T.

Thanks to all our contestants for their support and hard work. For 3 of them, their hard work is going to pay off and change their lives forever! At stake, we have a keychain, a mug, and for one lucky person, a t-shirt.

I won't keep them in suspense any longer.

3rd Place goes to:

Amy T!!!!!!!
(Pause for applause)

2nd Place goes to:

Amanda O.!!!!!!!
(Pause for applause)

And now, 1st Place goes to:


Congrats! Anyone who wants to throw a hissy fit...again...may do so by email, texts or preferably in the comment section so we can all enjoy.
I need Jespy's shirt size and Amanda's address. You may email them to me.


Jenny ESP said...

Whoa. This post was full of shocking pictures. I forgot what a hot 13 year-old I was. Thanks! Anyways, I can't believe I won!! I was all ready to throw a hissy fit. Eeeek!

PS. How dare you ask what size shirt I wear. What size shirt do you think I wear? <--There. That's my hissy fit.

Landee said...

This is BULL SHIZ. I'm never entering another contest thrown by a Morgan sister EVER AGAIN. Amy wins third for being a brat and throwing some tarts in a box?

Landee out.

Memzy said...

^^^there is the hissy fit you were waiting for Sara. However, "tarts in a box" is my new fave phrase.

I can't believe I didn't win! ::backing out of the room quietly::

eekareek said...

Memzy, you and I tied for fifth (or last place). I honestly thought I was going to win and had no idea that two barbie dolls under a wash cloth and a cupcake in a shoe box would beat me. It really shows how totally uncool I am in the blogging world (but not IRL)

Landee said...

Step One: You cut a hole in the box.

Step Two: You put some tarts in the box....

Amy is a disgusting perv.

eekareek said...

Landee, there is a line and you just crossed it. Amy is not a disgusting perv, she is just a perv.

ManicMandee said...

Those pictures were priceless

Hot Pants said...

They were mini pumpkin cakes, and they were DELICIOUS!!! I'm glad people were able to see my thinking process. Zombies, creepy, Halloween, pumpkins, mini cakes. So simple. I can't wait to have another fancy keychain to show off ::spinning my Albertsons preferred card key chain on my finger::

Landee said...

^^^ Didn't even read the book. Yeah, that's right, all you morons who voted for her.


::unsubscribing to follow up comments::

Hot Pants said...

Are you morons gonna let her talk about you like that?

Kim said...

Tanner and Brynn deserved to win. But congrats to the total cheaters.

eekareek said...

It is now Morgans verse Jeppsons. BRING IT ON, JEPPSONS!!!

eekareek said...

P.S. I didn't vote for Amy's so technically I am not a moron but I got my sister's back.
Cause we are sisters
We stand together
We make up one big family though we don't look the same
Our spots are different
Different colors
We make each other stronger
That ain't ever gonna change
We're cheetah girls cheetah sisters!

Amanda said...

I knew it, I knew it. Sexual innuendos win every time. Thanks for the mug, I'll be sure to keep it away from the vampires outside my fence.