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Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Fluff and No Substance

I'm writing this review in the writing style of the author. Which I did not like. Which I really did not enjoy. Like I wanted to scream and run and pull my hair out. To be done with this book already. But I could not. The ocean was like ice over my thoughts. Filling up my dreams. I must write this review.

Here it goes. Hmm. Not quite sure what to say about this book besides the fact that the author is an amateur. Her writing is all fluff and no substance. It's like someone who talks just to hear themselves talk. She writes just to write. I felt like the words in her book belonged more in a book of poems than they did in a novel. She uses language carelessly, throwing things out there just to throw them out there. Because she can. Because she wants to. (Just as I did here). She did this a lot. She'll tell you something and then end it with a period and then tell you the same thing in a different way and end it with a period. All for emphasis. And it drove me nuts. So crazy I fell to the floor, sobbing. Great big tears that would not come.

The author often contradicted herself as she wrote, saying one thing, and then saying another. The main character was also this way. I felt the author did not know who she was and exploited her just to make the story more fantastical. It was almost insulting. It was difficult for me to believe in the love of Travis and Mary after Mary's thoughts and actions toward Travis while they were in the house. I was disappointed in the course the author took. Mary is like a flip flopper. She's so sure of one thing one minute and then she's totally doing something else the next minute. I understand about uncertainty but this was different. I never had the chance as a reader to understand why she was suddenly a different person than the one I had been reading about all along.

The descriptions she wrote didn't make a whole lot of sense. They just looked pretty on the page. She often would say something and then repeat it. Always try to get her point across. But by doing so it took away from the effect. Like she just kept repeating herself and saying the same things in different ways. Like I just did. She did it over and over and over and everything was so dramatic. The main character never had a subdued response to anything. Everything was exaggerated and bold and over the top. Kind of had me exhausted reading it. All of Mary's actions were so dramatic--falling to the ground in sobs, her body heaving and crying and running and fighting and screaming and aching and oh it was too much. It was almost insulting as a reader that she kept trying to convince us of her story and beat it over our heads. I just wanted to tell the author to shut up and let the story happen, stop telling me how to see it happen, I can interpret that for myself.

Also, I thought the themes and the allegories and metaphors in this book were too obvious, again the author was not giving the reader enough credit. I also found the story difficult to follow. I didn't think the author had a grip on exactly what was going on. And if she did, I don't think she got that across because I was always confused and had to go back and reread things because I got lost easily. She was talking at me not to me as the action was happening and I felt so frustrated that I couldn't picture in my head what things looked like, where things were, what was really going on. I read the book and had so many questions of what, huh, that I couldn't enjoy the journey. By the end of the book I still didn't understand or have my questions answered.

I could go on and on but I'm out of time. Basically I thought it was crap. Would have been a much better story if Suzanne Collins had written it.

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Kathi Vanderbilt said...

Mary was quite annoying... wasn't she? I laughed out loud when I read the last few sentences of your review.